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The Forever Pursuit


Timidity of Future Relationships

The idea of being in a relationship is something that I’ve come to realize intimidates me, I’ve never officially had a relationship and growing up I was a flirt and a tease, which was not the best practice for any future relationships.

It took a really long time for me to see how unhealthy my view on relationships actually was, because I really didn’t have that much to go on, until I moved and everything changed. I went to a new place where people had real friendships and relationships with everyone, and the health that surrounded everyone and that seemed to be inside each of them. It was so different and felt very strange at first, and then it just became normal, which was great and I started to become a healthier person on the inside.

During that time though my friendships with guys was still very limited and cautious. It wasn’t until these last couple of weeks that I realized that I don’t have any guy friends because I started becoming friends with guys and it was weird, I found myself acting strange and wouldn’t know how to behave around them. Then with the desire to date still in my heart came the thoughts, what if I actually started dating this year, and that intimidated me, but I don’t think I knew how much until just recently when I was being super weird and on of my mentors told me to stop it and that whatever happens would happen I just need to be myself.

This started a process which is ongoing of consciously choosing to not change my behavior and be completely me, which is fitting since at church we were talking about different masks people wear, and the Lord revealed to me that one mask I try to put back on is one when I am around guys, not because I like them or because they might be good-looking but because my normal was being a flirt and I do not want that as my normal.

Something I desire is to be able to wait for my husband with honor, integrity and purity, without being considered a flirt, which can be a difficult thing with a bubbly, outgoing personality because things can be easily judged.

Now that I know what I draw back to I can fight that and start acting like a normal person around guys and learn to apply all that God has been teaching me these past few years about being a good girlfriend and wife. The season of preparedness is one that I’ve come to know and cherish, even though it has been pretty hard sometimes I know that it has been all for my benefit and for the good of my future as a wife and mother. The word talks about submitting to your husband and letting him lead you as he follows God, which before I think would have been rather impossible because I tend to be very stubborn and set in my ways and I had a very hard time not knowing things, thankfully that was also rooted out.

Submitting to my husband starts now with submitting to God and all the unknowns that He has for my life and in my life, because I won’t know everything that will happen and I will not always be right. I have to know and be able to admit that I am wrong and need help, which growing up independent was a struggle, but by copious amounts of Gods grace and all that I’ve been given through God and his love, I believe I can and will be a great wife and mother someday.

If you’re in the same boat just remember that you are not the only one out there and that God is always there.

Love Always,


Move Past the Wishing

Well a lot of changes have been happening lately in my life. I moved back home to my parents, I changed jobs, and am still working my own business, going back to school in the fall to study Psychology, to name a few.

The biggest changes though are not on the outside, the real changes have been on the inside. Spiritually God has been taking center and re-arranging my heart, in ways that I really never considered possible. The tiniest corners and cracks of my messy heart matter more to God then I could ever imagine.

I finished reading, Sun Stand Still and it has challenged my faith and the depth of it far more than anything before, and it doesn’t just stop at faith either, I’ve been learning more than ever how everything connects with the Lord and the plans and purposes he has for my life, and the calling placed on it.

Over the last few days I have had the privilege and honor of attending a women’s conference in Rockford, IL. I have no way of describing to you the last few days, because words cannot express the gratitude and love I feel from our Daddy God. He orchestrated this whole weekend to be exactly what so many women needed, myself included. From everything I have been going through and all the changes that have been happening in my life since the beginning of the year, God has brought everything together leading up to this weekend and preparing my heart to receive the message he gave the speakers.

“Past the Wishing” was the conference theme and the new book that Jen DeWeerdt wrote and launched at conference. I have been making so many changes in my life lately and spiritually been on a journey with the Lord about next steps and what that exactly looks like. Seeds that were planted a year ago are starting to grow and bloom into dreams that I would never considered and passions that I kept hidden.

It is all about going past the wishing and actually doing it.

Stop wishing. Do it.

I want and dream of so many things – non can compare to what God has in store for me, but my oh my will it be something. The moments that come when you look around and ask yourself, “How did I get here” is the moment you realize that you only got where you are because Abba was leading every step, I want so many of those.

Sounds exciting and fun, right?! It can be, and it should be, but we let that thing come in, that doubt and fear, and the ‘what ifs’ they cloud our souls, our very spirits, we get caught up in the timidity of the present that God has put us in.

That is what we must stop doing!

We can no longer let those drag us backwards, we can no longer let fear take control, we have to STOP letting our emotions control us! Own them and tell them what to do.

One of the biggest parts of this plan that God has for us, is not the end result, but the middle, it is on the path when we learn the most, you don’t normally learn the big things when you reach the top after a long hike, sure the view is breathtaking, but what you gained was from the hike itself, the choice to keep going, to push past the pain, the thirst, to push through!

That is where we learn, it is where we are stretched, it is then that we grow. So push through, don’t rush, enjoy the climb and keep making -daily- decisions to get up and go do.

Own you, because God looks at you and sees who he has formed you to be.

Love Always,


“When we expedite the process we complicate the situation.” – Lisa Seaton